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INVESTMIND offers the market the most complete range of analysis on companies, macroeconomics and politics. Without any bias or conflicts of interest.

We produce truly independent insights, aiming to reduce the asymmetry of information existing in the financial market. We focus mainly on the analysis of companies and other assets that today face lack of market coverage and have little liquidity.

On our platform, you have at your disposal a team composed of dozens of analysts and experts with great experience and deep knowledge. Base your investment decisions on the reports produced by our analysts.

If you need more details about any analysis, schedule a conversation with one of our analysts.

To ensure the independence and quality of our analyses, contributors registered with INVESTMIND go through a rigorous selection process. During analyst onboarding, our technical team checks the experience and quality of the reports produced, while Compliance ensures that there is no reputational risk or conflicts of interest.

Managing director

Leonardo Alvarenga

During the more than 10 years he served as Head of Products at Quantum  Finance,Leonardo Alvarenga has acquired extensive experience in asset analysis of the financial market.

He was directly responsible for the design, development, launch and continuous improvement of most of the products, with emphasis on Open and Closed Companies, Structured Funds and Indexes. Alvarenga has also produced several studies on the Brazilian financial market, which were presented in lectures in several brazilian capitals and published in international academic journals.

Alvarenga holds a Master’s degree in Finance and Economics from EPGE-FGV and a degree in Economic Sciences from PUC-RJ

Lucas Marins

With 9 years of experience in the financial market, Lucas Marins worked for 7 years as an analyst at Ativa Investimentos, five as an equity analyst and two as a technical analyst responsible for the brokerage’s trading area.

It focused on analysis of the electricity sector and shopping malls in Brazil, as well as participation in the elaboration of macroeconomic perspectives and assembly of recommended portfolios.

He was one of the responsible to give the lectures to clients, both in the headquarters and in the branches in the main capitals of the country. In October 2020, he joined investmind’s exclusive analysis team.

Lucas Marins holds a degree in Economic Sciences from PUC-RJ and is CNPI-Pleno certified by Apimec.

Vinícius Vieira

Vinícius Vieira began his professional career in the Products area of Quantum Finance, actively working in the analysis of information from structured funds and in the development of new automation technologies.

In 2020, he joined the INVESTMIND team. Previously in college, he was part of the Uffinance market league, where he soon became head of risk and structured a theoretical stock fund.

He was also part of several academic research on quantitative information in the Brazilian market.

Vitor Carvalho

He began his career in the Equity Research area of Ativa Investimentos, working in the analysis of companies in the retail, banking and protein sectors.

In 2019, he joined the Itaú BBA commercial area to work in the Large Corporate segment, where he actively worked in the maintenance, prospecting and approximation of the relationship with billing companies between 400 million and 4 billion reais.

In October 2019, he joined LiveMode – Sports Marketing Agency, where he actively worked in commercial planning related to the Broadcast Rights area. During the period of one year, he prospected clients, created remuneration models and established relationships with some of the main sports entities in the country.

In October 2020, he joined the exclusive INVESTMIND analysis team. Vitor Carvalho has a degree in Economic Sciences from UFRJ and is CNPI certified by Apimec.


Roberto de Aguiar Attuch Jr

Roberto is an economist at the University of Brasília and has specialization courses in Finance, Corporate Governance and Banking Risk from INSEAD and IMD. He is a resident of Milan in Italy.

He worked for 15 years at Credit Suisse as an analyst responsible for financial institutions in Latin America. In 2009, Roberto migrated from Credit Suisse to Barclays, with the mission of building the equity research team for Latin America.

Roberto left Barclays in 2012 and was for 3 years an independent advisor to Even Construtora e Incorporadora. In recent years, Roberto has been an investor in fintechs in the Brazilian market.



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